Medium van hire and medium van rentals

There are so many reasons why you might want to rent a medium van from Port Van Hire, these vans are perfect for moving furniture and other haulage jobs.

We have a range of medium-sized vans for hire including the Ford Custom, Volkswagen Transporter or Vauxhall Civaro.

These vans are one of our most popular van rentals options with a versatile and flexible load to take on any job.

They’re the perfect size to fit in a standard parking space, and have plenty of room for the bulky objects that are simply too big for the car.

Medium sized van

If you want size and value for money, you can’t get much better than our choice of medium vans for hire.

Medium vans are comfortable with a large windscreen that provides a great view of the road ahead, while large wing mirrors allow drivers to see easily behind them. They are easy to drive as they are a similar size to an estate car or 4WD vehicle.

Our medium vans come with a range of features, which may include an on-board computer, height-adjustable seats, adjustable steering wheel, cruise control and USB/Bluetooth radio. There is plenty of room for storage on the dashboard and parcel shelf.

Medium business van rentals

If you are a self-employed tradesman, such as a plumber, joiner or electrician just setting up in business, renting a vehicle rather than buying one or committing to a long-term lease can be a great option, preserving your working capital, saving you interest on a loan and giving you time to get established. Whether you hire for a day, a weekend, a week or longer, you can be sure of a great deal.

Established businesses can use us for small van rentals to supplement existing fleets of vans during seasonal peaks. There is little point having unused vehicles, so hiring additional vans only when you need them provides an effective and cost-effective solution.

Transit van hire

Transit vans are a Ford brand name for a wide range of different sized vans. You are allowed to drive a compact, transit or small van on a standard UK driving licence.

Ideal for musicians and bands

Medium Van Hire

A medium van is ideal for established or up and coming bands able to carry both musicians and their equipment for tours and one-off gigs.