Hire Q+A

Please read these before contacting us:

  • What ID do I need?
    • Driving license and proof of address
  • Can I drive a van on my car driving licence?
    • Yes, just bring your normal driving license
  • Is the van fully insured or are there hidden extras?
    • Yes it is fully insured, there are no extras such as CDW
  • Can I drop it back after office hours?
    • Yes, we will explain where to leave the keys
  • Can I leave my car whilst I hire the van?
    • Yes, we have plenty of space to park your car
  • What if I want to do more than 200 miles per day?
    • Please call us for a quote.

Terms and Conditions

Download and read or print our terms and conditions.

Box or Transit Van?

If you are not sure about hiring either Luton Box type van or a Transit style van then here are a few pointers:

  • The box van has a powered tailgate for lifting heavy items such as a washing machine or filing tanks
  • The transit van is lower to the ground so easier to load items
  • The box van doesn’t have the wheel arches so will take larger items that need to lie flat on the floor
  • The Transit van has a much better profile and causes less air resistance and hence better fuel economy
Box or transit